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CD Reviews
“In this new recording, Christopher Anderson Reed demonstrates both his skill at the piano and his imagination as an arranger. A dozen favorite hymn tunes, most of which come from 19th-century America, are treated with fresh harmonic and rhythmic ideas influenced by jazz, folk music, and Reed’s classical training. Sometimes introspective and atmospheric, at other times bold and dynamic, these piano settings will delight hymn lovers everywhere.”

-Dr. Larry Shackley, Sacred Keyboard Editor
The Lorenz Corporation

"Just listening to the new album 'Arise'. I must say I like this all-instrumental solo piano album. With superior technical skills and fluent dexterity facilitating, the personal interpretation of each piece is profound yet playful; stern and still lighthearted. I will definitely play this CD many times. This is the first I have heard from Dan Gilvary's studio and it is certainly a first-class recording - not only musically, but also from an engineering/producer perspective. 

"You can look at a piece of pictorial art and experience tremendous beauty as an onlooker - albeit flat and one-dimensionally. The opposite would be the ability to step inside the painting and be immersed in it. It is the same with music - we can listen to a great composition through a shallow, flat surface, OR we can become one with the recording and feel like we are part of being in a large room surrounded by sounds, or like walking deeper and deeper into the nucleus of the music. 

"Dan Gilvary has done a masterful job in producing and engineering a depth of sound from a solo piano that is second to none. Great job, Chris...great job, Dan!"

- Jan Johansson

Johansson's Acoustic Music - Cary, NC